5 Best Solar Chargers You Can Buy in 2020

As the world progresses to implementing more eco-friendly solutions in our everyday lives, tech companies ponder this question: what other gadgets can we improve to make them more ecological and trendy? Chargers seem to be an obvious choice: with the solar charging technology being available on the market for decades, solar chargers for mobile devices promise not only a more eco-conscious approach but also great practicality for travelers. As these gadgets create great customers’ interest, they start to be more accessible and acquire new handy features. This article is here to help you choose the best solar chargers currently on the market.

  1. GoalZero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel
  2. RAVPower Solar Charger 24W Solar Panel
  3. BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger
  4. BioLite SolarPanel 10+
  5. BEARTWO 10000mAh Portable Solar Charger
  6. Inter-Warehouse Solar Chargers

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1. GoalZero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

GoalZero Nomad 7 Plus Solar Panel

The GoalZero device is a solar panel that comes in rugged design, perfect for camping or to be taken on a hike. On of the GoalZero Nomad’s indisputable upsides is its foldable construction: compact while folded and easy to fit into your favorite backpack, this solar charger can be unfolded and used with a kickstand for the best sunlight exposure. Some of the handy features include a safety system that stops charging the device once the battery is full and an LED indicator, which helps you find the best sunny spot to charge from.

GoalZero Nomad 7 Plus is perfect to attach to a backpack or a tent to charge your GPS gadgets or a headlight, but it doesn’t mean that this sturdy charger is a good fit only for survivalists. Quite the contrary — its versatile construction will allow you to make use of this awesome charger in your office or on an off-the-grid hike.

2. RAVPower Solar Charger 24W Solar Panel

RAVPower Solar Charger 24W Solar Panel

RAVPower offers almost a full-fledged solar power plant — four solar panels make this device a very capable gadget that will juice up to three devices at the same time. Intended as a travel charger, apart from being equipped with high-efficiency solar cells, this charger is also waterproof, which makes it a great choice for outdoor trips.

Even though the RAVPower folds up into the size of an iPad, while opened it provides a great surface area to quickly power up your gadgets. To crown this set of useful features, there is a zippered pocket included to let you store charging cables, adapters, or your device while it is charging.

Four high-efficiency solar panels give the RAVPower better power output than most competition and therefore, faster charging. With compact foldable design and three USB ports you can charge your devices from, the RAVPower is an excellent choice for those who want the most from their solar charger on a trip.

3. BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger

BigBlue 5V 28W Solar Charger

The BigBlue Solar Charger offers a set of smart features, while also maintaining high power output of 28W. This power panel also comes is foldable design, revealing four solar cells when unfolded. Some of the smart features include a built-in digital ammeter to keep you posted about charging speed and stable voltage to make charging safe is provided by a voltage regulator.

Useful features don’t end here: the BigBlue is equipped with four hooks that allow you to hang your device from a tree and reinforced holes will come in handy if you want to attach your charger to a backpack. If you want to test your solar charger on a hike, its waterproof construction will keep it safe from unexpected rain.

The bottom line is that the BigBlue is a great choice for those who want a more sophisticated solution for outdoor charging. Having an array of smart features and a well-designed construction, the BigBlue Solar Charger can easily become your favorite outdoor gadget.

4. BioLite SolarPanel 10+

BioLite SolarPanel 10+

The BioLite SolarPanel stands out of the crowd not only due to its design (most competition comes in foldable design, while the BioLite features a single solar cell), but also thanks to its built-in battery only a few competitors offer. This built-in battery will allow you to charge it during the day and juice up your devices during the night. The rechargeable battery has a 3,000mAh capacity and an included 360-degree kickstand that you can use to place your charger on the ground or hang the panel on a tree or a tent. Two anchor points allow you to attach your charger on a backpack for on-the-go charging and a useful sundial will tell you the best location for placing your panel. Being aimed for outside use, the BioLite SolarPanel comes in a waterproof design that will keep your charger safe during a light rain shower.

The BioLite SolarPanel 10+ is a great device for those who need a versatile charger with a built-in battery, simple design, and several handy features. If you are ready to pay a few extra dollars for this solar charger, it may be a great fit for you.

5. BEARTWO 10,000mAh Portable Solar Charger

BEARTWO 10,000mAh Portable Solar Charger

This portable solar charger is the most popular one on Amazon and there are several good reasons for that. The BEARTWO is more reminiscent of a cassette player than a tablet most solar chargers fold into, a design that definitely adds to the device’s portability. Add four color accents to choose from (black, blue, green, or orange), a charge-level indicator, and a very attractive price and you’ll get a great portable solar charger fitting for most tasks.

The BEARTWO will also be useful for travelers who like charging their devices on the go: for that purpose, the solar charger is equipped with a cutout for attaching a carabiner or a rope and a flashlight. One of the most appealing features rightly became a part of the gadget’s name: its 10,000mAh battery is capable of providing up to five full charges for a smartphone and two devices at once. Being one of the lightest solar charges on the market, this gadget is perfect for taking it to a hike or a walk where you want to keep your weight down. In short, the BEARTWO’s device is a great choice for those who want an ultralight solar charger that won’t break the bank.

6. Inter-Warehouse Solar Chargers

Inter-Warehouse Solar Chargers

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