Smart Power Cut Off Phone Charging Cable

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Smart power-off protection fast charge mobile phone cable. Supports data too. Protects your phone from over-charge, and prolongs battery life. Smart Auto Cut-off: The electric flow will be automatically cut-off when the phone is fully charged to avoid overheating and prolong battery life. Flashing Charging Light: Flashing lights indicate battery level status. Fast Charging Technology: Advanced charging technology ensures your phone will be charged at a fast and consistent rate. Durable Cotton Cord: The charging cable is covered by a high quality nylon fabric which is durable and anti-tear to protect the cord from damages. High Compatibility: The charging cord is compatible for all Apple, Android and Type-C mobile phones. Specifications:
  • Plugs: iPhone Lightening, USB-C, Micro-USB
  • Colors: Black, Gold, Rose Gold, White
  • Length: 1M / 3.28 feet
Package includes:
  • 1 x 1M / 3.28 feet USB cable

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